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How may I call you? An astute view into the rapidly proliferating communication channels and services, and the number of methods by which we communicate with one another today. This paper also explores the evolution of “presence” based technology. Read More
Motivating Agents An insightful look into 'why' motivating call centre agents is so critical to the success of your call centre. Read More

The most fundamental relationship in business is the one between an organisation and its customers. Business success is critically dependent on the ability to win and keep customers and provide a relationship that is effective and efficient. This is where Sagatori comes in.

We are a regional specialist customer interaction consultancy dedicated to ensuring our clients excel in their customer interaction activities and achieve customer relationship management excellence.

With particular expertise in contact centres and online services, our team is made up of highly experienced specialists with many years of practical and professional experience including customer relationship management, customer strategy and implementation, customer experience, online interactive solutions and eBusiness strategy development.