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About Us

Sagatori is a regional specialist customer interaction consultancy with particular expertise in contact centres and online services. The team is made up highly experienced specialists with many years of practical and consulting experience including contact centre management, contact centre strategy and implementation, customer relationship management, online interactive solutions and eBusiness strategy development.

Our name represents the forging of wisdom: Sage – Wisdom and guidance; Tora – a Latin word for Omen or Sign

Sagatori embodies the very basis of the philosophy behind its name in its consultancy practice. We focus on offering our forward thinking “wisdom” to help guide our clients and be prepared for their greater business success in the area of customer interaction.

We are well recognised for our Thought Leadership in the customer interaction industry, we strive to provide forward looking insights and share our knowledge to help our clients and the region’s industry.

Utilising original methodologies and practices developed in-house and grounded in many years of practical, hands-on experience. We are a vendor neutral and independently funded consultancy and we are dedicated to deliver to our clients, customized solutions that are realistic, tangible and measurable.

At Sagatori, we are dedicated to help your organisation to: