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Contact Centres | Project Management

As a specialist Customer Interaction Consultancy, Sagatori specialises in offering business solutions for both the Contact Centre, and customer initiated Online Services.

A key element of solution delivery for either of these areas is to make sure that the projects are professionally managed. To do so, here at Sagatori we maintain our own project management capability. The project management professionals working in this area work across both the Contact Centre and Online Services practices as needed to ensure that our client engagements are delivered in a consistent high quality fashion.

In some situations, this group can also be made available to work with existing clients to assist with reviewing projects, review or create a project management office, or develop a plan for the recovery of an existing project.

At Sagatori, we take great pride in our ability to offer clients the following services:

Project Management

In today’s emerging IT and business environments, the key to successful project delivery lies firmly in the ability to efficiently and effectively manage projects from concept to completion.

Project Management services from Sagatori are ideal for businesses that have project needs but do not have the required internal expertise or employee resources to dedicate to the planning, management or implementation of project assignments. Sagatori takes full responsibility for the management function of any project. We use Project Management Institute (PMI) and PRINCE2 methodologies and certified professionals, along with your internal resources to implement the project.

Sagatori Project Management services:

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Project Management Office

A Project Management Office (PMO) must be aligned with the business strategy of your organization. The PMO ensures project governance in terms of quality, scope, budget, and schedule. PMOs provide the structure needed to standardize project management practices and facilitate IT project portfolio management, as well as determine methodologies for repeatable processes, regardless of size and scope. It provides management with information at a senior level to set direction, determine priority, release funding, and monitor the progress of your project portfolio.

There are two basic models of PMOs: one that acts in a consulting capacity, providing project managers in business units with training, guidance and best practices; and a centralized version, with project managers on staff who are loaned out to business units to work on projects. How a PMO is organized and staffed depends on a myriad of organizational factors, including targeted goals, traditional strengths and cultural imperatives.

Functions commonly included in a PMO infrastructure are:

An effective PMO can offer tremendous benefits and contribute towards an organization's competitive advantage. The challenge is implementing the right PMO, sustaining its level of contributions, and maintaining its position within the organization.

Sagatori offers services to help clients establish and enhance the PMO function at various levels within their enterprise, depending on client requirements.

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Project Recovery

It is a fact of business life that projects do not always proceed as planned and don’t always achieve the envisaged benefits originally sought. Sagatori’s senior project management consultants have been delivering and recovering challenging CRM, Contact Centre and Online projects for over 15 years, and through this experience consider the cause of most project delays are due to the absence of project governance, achievable and approved project plans, insufficient change management, and ongoing changes to scope resulting in missed milestones and associated budget impacts.

When a project is out of control and failing, a structured review of the project deliverables and milestones with an eye towards getting back on track is needed to recover. In these cases, Sagatori can develop a plan for the recovery of your project for you to implement, or you can use one of our experienced project management professionals.

Our project managers assist you in determining how to achieve the most strategic of objectives in the least amount of time by assessing risk, schedule and deliverables simultaneously. This approach will result in the re-scope, re-plan and re-focus of the program of work into clearly defined and achievable milestones - agreed by project sponsors and the project team.

To assist you determine if your projects may be at risk of failure, we have compiled a Project Health Check to assess the health of your project.

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Project Health Check

Review the questions below. If you answer ‘yes’ to a majority of these questions, we recommend a formal review be undertaken of your project.

In our experience, 'yes' answers to these type of questions provides an early indication that your project may be at risk and therefore we recommend a formal review of your project.

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