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Insights | Magazine Articles
Sagatori Staff are frequently called on to write articles for industry magazines and journals. Here are articles which have appeared recently:
  Date Summary
  19th March 2007 Contact centres and the lessons from IT
Although we would all like to think that we are more mature than the IT department, it seems there are still a few lessons to be learned. This paper explores three important things we can learn from the IT world.
  18th December 2006 The Asian Crystal Ball
China will continue its boom building and re-building centres at an alarming rate. There will be at least 5000 new seats in China before the middle of the year. The traditional hubs of Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing will continue to attract.....
  17th July 2006 Career planning in the contact centre
Most centres are operating somewhere between 15% and 30% staff turnover per year. This article provides an insight into a career path alternative to assist in reducing your attrition rate.
  10th June 2006 Anti-telemarketing laws in Asia
A discussion of Asia's position to controlling and legislating telemarketing activities in comparison to many countries on the western world.
  11th May 2006 Serve customer service in China with a little “Geert” on the side
An astute look into the 5 cultural dimensions to be considered when doing business in China.
  11th February 2006 Brand degradation - The hidden cost.
In the last year particularly we have heard of contact centres being moved back from India, the Philippines, Southern China, etc to their previous much higher cost economies, because of concerns about cost and, more importantly, quality.
  8th March 2005 China's call centres and the single child policy
The China centre industry is set to experience some of the most rampant growth ever seen in call centres, anywhere in the world. In a recent whitepaper I showed how the industry in China will grow by at least 300,000 seats in the next five years.
  28th September 2004 CRM and the customer experience
An insightful look into the factors which most effect the perception of a customer's experience - expectation, knowledge and the person.
  14th May 2004 The 5 secrets that consultants don’t want you to know
As a call centre consultant myself I thought it time that the ‘old school’ secrets of consulting were brought into the spotlight. Now I know that many of you reading this are thinking “but isn’t giving away the secrets of your trade?". Yes...
  25th January 2003 CRM and Technical Appropriation
The biggest business benefits from CRM are gained from smart integration not large integration. This article provides an insightful view into avoiding failure in a CRM implementation.
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