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Contact Centres | Operational Management

Contact centres are the strategic hub of customer communications for the entire organisation and most often are a core revenue generator for the company.

Contact centres have now become extremely complex business units requiring a delicate balance of Human elements, Technical elements, Environmental elements, Strategic Management and Operational Management, all to meet the ever increasing demands of customers.

Sagatori’s operational management consulting services provide clients with insights into the newest industry directions, trends and principles to improve their contact centre operations. Our Contact Centre Management specialists bring their practical operational experience to every engagement.

Our goal is to ensure our clients imagine what is possible for their contact centre operations and then realise the potential in those possibilities through excellence in management and leadership.

Some of the operational management engagements that we have recently performed for our clients include:

THEM 2 Review / Health Check

“Our unique diagnosis and prescription to set your Contact Centre on track.”

Sagatori’s unique THEM 2 Review provides organisations with a brief yet detailed view of how their contact centre is tracking with regard to industry norms, best practices and leading management principles. Sagatori provides tangible areas for improvement rather than merely highlighting areas of concern.

Sagatori recognises that every contact centre is unique and allows for this in the methodology for our reviews and health checks. However, there are basics which apply to every contact centre. These basics vary greatly dependant upon the predominant role of the contact centre and therefore Sagatori varies the key examination focus.

Sagatori uses the unique THEM 2 components to measure the contact centre against 148 data points to create detailed star charts which visually display a centre’s strengths and areas of concern. This provides Sagatori’s clients with a definite road forward to improvement.

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KPI Review / Redesign

“Creating a solid foundation to raise performance and to reinforce consistent best results.”

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are cornerstone of contact centre measures within an organisation. However, many contact centres are managing their business to KPIs which create or encourage the incorrect behaviours in their staff.

Sagatori works with clients to review and analyse the validity and usability of current KPIs and measures. Sagatori drives a more streamlined and structured approach to the performance indicators used within the contact centre and the KPIs used to keep executive management informed.

Sagatori's Operational Management specialists provide clients with a succinct, clear and operationally sound set of key performance indicators. Sagatori also provides executive management education around industry leading trends in performance measurement.

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Reporting Design / Analysis

“Measuring the right performance indicators for better management control.”

Many business executives and contact centre managers today are overwhelmed by too many reports and metrics. Business professionals frequently seek succinct and insightful reports that allow them to focus management attention on the drivers of performance and change.

At Sagatori, we work with our clients to measure and manage performance in more effective ways by providing an objective assessment of their performance frameworks, reports and results in comparison to industry norms and their business drivers.

Sagatori initiates Exceptions Reporting with our clients, leading to far more succinct and readily understood cyclical reports to senior management.

In addition to management reporting, Sagatori work with our clients to introduce the Balanced Scorecard into their contacts centre, translating strategy into operational terms. We lead our clients through the four quadrants: Learning and Growth (People); Internal Business Operations (Process); Customer and Financial and advise how to these relate to the elements of the THEM 2 methodology.

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Management Development / Coaching

Sagatori believes that people are the key underpinning foundation for any effective and successful operation. Key personnel such as senior managers, managers, assistant managers, supervisors and team leaders as well as customer frontline staff are critical to the customer experience and service delivery of a contact centre.

Sagatori provides leadership development services for contact centre managers, team leaders and key support staff. At Sagatori, our leadership development programs are completely tailored to the needs of our clients organisation and staff. Our services can be provided for groups and/or individuals through facilitator lead and management coaching sessions.

Sagatori’s Management Development specialists focus on delivering behavioural and skill based outcomes that include personal growth, development of leadership awareness and skills, and personal and peer accountability for the managers and key staff involved in our programs.

We create a rewarding and fun learning environment that provides leaders with opportunities to share experiences, successes and challenges with our specialists and other leaders.

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