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Our Experts | Kevin Hanvey

Vice President, Online Services

Kevin Hanvey

Kevin has over 30 years experience in the use and development of IT, including 20 years experience in senior e-Commerce, IT management and consulting roles.  He has worked across all areas of e-Business for over a decade and is a recognised leader in his field. 

He was an early champion of the business benefits derived from the commercialisation of the internet in the mid 90s and has advised senior level executives on areas where advanced technology can be utilised to increase customer services levels to further enhance their business strategies.  He is a strong advocate on the use of IT being incorporated for sound business with a strong regard for the end user. 

Kevin has consultancy experience in e-Business strategy development, internet banking, Business to Consumer and Business to Business e-Commerce solutions and large content management systems.  He has worked in a wide range of business sectors including banking & finance, retail, telecommunications, travel & tourism and IT industries.  He is the author of many whitepapers on IT and e-commerce related topics.


Whitepaper Involvement:
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