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Sagatori is well recognized as the “thought leaders” in the customer interaction industry. We are committed to sharing our unique insights and knowledge with our clients and fellow industry professionals on customer touchpoint management to help shape the future of the global customer interaction industry.

Our team of consultants are seasoned professionals with many years of experience in the industry and as a dynamic group of experts, we collectively share our forward thinking knowledge and understanding of the best practice and trends of the customer interaction industry in the form of Whitepapers, Myth Busters and magazine articles.

Many are available in English and Chinese versions

  Date Summary
  24th November 2006 How may I call you?
An astute view into the rapidly proliferating communication channels and services, and the number of methods by which we communicate with one another today. This paper also explores the evolution of “presence” based technology.
  14th November 2006 Motivating Agents
An insightful look into 'why' motivating call centre agents is so critical to the success of your call centre.
  22nd February 2005 The China Call Centre Industry
An insight into the growth of the call centre industry in China and the issues associated with that growth.